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Dear Friends and Art Connoisseurs,

We are pleased to introduce to you our Galerie 22 as a project unique in the Czech Republic. At the same time we invite you to visit us. The exhibition and sales gallery named Galerie 22 is situated in the centre of Prague. It offers mainly – but not exclusively – original furniture of the Art Deco design, interior accessories and an art gallery, focused on the 1920s and 1930s.
Galerie 22 has developed into a unique project, ranking for its originality and quality among the most prestigious galleries in the Czech Republic and Europe. The gallery is really unique on the Central-European scale by the range of the interior accessories and furniture sets offered in first-rate restored condition, as well as the scope and unrivalled quality of services, including the highly appreciated restoration workshop.
In Galerie 22, we can unite the workmanship of old-time interior studios with modern restoration technology. In addition to being a collector article and a safe investment, a piece of antique furniture thus becomes a full-scale component of your interior, fulfilling both decorative and practical functions. Follow us to the times of the First Czechoslovak Republic and the art which appealed to the top tiers of society in that period. Re-discover the functionality and beauty of the antiquities which will become parts of your lifestyle and symbols of your social status.

petr smaha majitel Galerie 22

Petr Smaha, owner of Galerie 22


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