• Restaurátorská dílna
  • Restaurátorská dílna

Restoration workshop

Galerie 22 draws confidence from more than twenty years of experience with restoring original antique furniture. A well-established workshop with a stable team of professionals works on the gallery premises. Beautiful old pieces get new life here. The varnishing technology gives the furniture stable high polish, which emphasises the merits of Art Deco – structure of rare-wood veneer, timeless design, and excellent workmanship. Thanks to this effort, each piece of furniture looks as if it has just been made. The durable varnish conserves the furniture and protects it from damage within usual usage. The antique furniture can thus be used as functional equipment with a distinctive artistic value.
Restoration of antique furniture is very demanding with respect to the time and technology it requires. If incorrect procedures were used, irreversible damage to the article could be caused. The restoration workshop of Galerie 22, as the only one in the Czech Republic, offers top-level comprehensive services. Many years of experience of our carpenters, varnishers, upholsterers, and other professionals is the guarantee of perfect results.


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